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SWTY is a centralized library of the best online courses created by experts in the wellness space. Whether it be to strengthen your core or learn how to dominate your mornings, SWTY is your one stop destination to living your healthiest and happiest life.

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From fitness coaches to life coaches to talented chefs, SWTY works with passionate instructors in the wellness industry leading you step by step in helping you reach your goals.

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It’s time to stop “winging it”. Take control of the future and put yourself in the best spot to crush your most agressive fitness goals.

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Courses are broken down into easy to follow steps that will eliminate confusion and provide direction. This allows you to start working on your goal when you want and where you want, all around your schedule.

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We've designed a powerful tool to upgrade your training experience. Our planner works side by side your online fitness courses, enabling you to commit to your goals in the real world, set weekly plans and track your progress.

✅ Framework for All Fitness Courses

✅ Boosts Accountability

✅ Tracks Progress Effectively

✅ Keeps You Committed

The Sweat Collective Podcast.

We know how important health and happiness are in life. Roy and Anthony, both curious fitness enthusiasts, are looking to understand how the great minds in the wellness space use their fitness background to build their dream life. Listen to our podcast and learn how to live your healthiest life.

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